Re: [sixties-l] Vietnam Memorial and flags

From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 13:32:55 CUT

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    monkerud wrote:

    > Hells Angels used it to beat demonstators in Oakland, the WWII veterans
    > used it to support the cold war, the Christians wave it to drown out
    > dissent and the flag was waved vigorously in WWI to derail the progressive
    > movement, jail socialists and put an end to calls for unionization. America
    > has a long history of flag waving to destroy progressive movements. You may
    > protest this but its hard to argue against history.

    I'm appalled by the misuse and obfuscation of statistics, but that doesn't mean
    I find statistics of no value or without benefit. What you say is all true, but
    I see it most often hanging outside someone's house, and all they're using it
    for is to say, "Hey, I'm proud of where I came from." However sullied it is by
    base attempts to distort its meaning, that doesn't have to keep YOU from valuing
    the positive things it speaks to. If you didn't care about this country, you
    wouldn't show so much passion about its faults. You don't have to be blind to
    honor the flag--you just have to care.

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