[sixties-l] For the record...

From: Sandra Hollin Flowers (flowers_s@mercer.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 11:36:31 CUT

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    Yes, it's bothering me so much that I had to get back online to
    correct my blunder.

    I would like Mr. Mandel, Sixties-L subscribers, and readers of the
    innumerable websites to which our postings find their way to know a
    bit more about my son, since I opened his life to criticism in an
    earlier post. First, he's not a professional military man. He's a
    reservist now, having left active duty about six years ago. He makes
    his living as director of a non-profit community outreach program he
    started at the (virtually) all-black high school he attended. The
    program came into being from funding my son secured following the
    close of the original program, part of Jimmy Carter's Atlanta Project
    which created centers of community activism in high schools. After
    leaving the army and in furtherance of his aspirations for political
    life, my son took a master's in public policy and is now in law school
    while working full time. And, no, he has not taken army money to pay
    for his graduate work. Even beyond what his job commits him to do, he
    spends much of his free time mentoring what we now call "at-risk"
    black youngsters, establishing ties with them in an effort to be a
    supportive adjuct in encouraging them to remain in school and set
    productive goals for their current and future lives. As for why he's
    still affiliated with the army, that's for him to say, not me, as I
    learned from the post which made (in my view) this follow-up

    So what's the point? Simply that, as Ted Morgan has often said in his
    posts, I would hope that in this new incarnation of Sixties-L we can
    get beyond the categorical divisions and automatic assumptions that so
    often characterized, for better or worse, our lives and our thinking
    in the sixties. If I'm guilty of that very same categorizing in my
    "war is a man thing" post, I apologize to the list and will be more
    careful in future posts about what I say and how I say it.

    At any rate, it's a new day and we need new alliances among ourselves
    and with others to deal with it. But we will not be able to form those
    alliances unless we get past our own festering wounds, many of which
    (mine included) have erupted on the list in recent weeks. We also need
    to be concerned with how our children are handling our legacy and we
    need to be sensitive to the fact that they may choose to meet their
    growing responsibilities differently than we chose to meet ours when
    we were their age. The important thing is that they make some effort
    grounded in integrity, is it not? We can either condemn them for
    their choices and suffer the consequences of that decision or
    continue, if they let us, to exercise our role as advisors and elders
    in their lives.


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