Re: [sixties-l] me and the Black Panthers

From: Christine Kingsley (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 05:14:56 CUT

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    Roz and all but especially Roz,

    I found everything on your post interesting. I often like this list also,
    but for a while I did not think the discussion was intellectual just
    repetitive and self serving. And I loved hearing about what you are doing
    now, teaching, gardening etc. That's just the point-to talk not only
    about sixties past but sixties present, how we're all still part of the
    sixties and in what ways we've transformed those times into our present
    lives. I just find that more interesting and I leanr more from it. I.
    too, am a red diaper baby and spent much of my childhood in misery while
    my parents lost their jobs and their lives. Again, let me ask if there
    are more of you out there. What about the idea of getting some kind of
    "reunion" thing together?

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