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From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 13:40:22 CUT

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    radman wrote:

    >> Mark (and list),
    > Also, as links tend to expire over time, I want to make sure the
    > pertinent info gets into the archives.
    > I fear that items like the David Horowitz story in The Nation will be
    > lost to future researchers because it was not posted in its entirety
    > to the list (and thereby the archives).The same with the Remarque
    > obituary, et al. where links only are supplied. I personally would
    > prefer the entire text rather than just the link.
    > [modr8r note: i agree with the above sentiment, the archives are an
    > important component of the list, and should be as complete as
    > possible]

    I had not thought of this. The fluency of link maintenance is a good
    reason to make the list archives a handy repository of relevant

    > As far as the contents of the posts I forward, my focus IS on the
    > extremes (as you note), because I think the best way to get at
    > the truth of an issue is to hear the opposing views and then decide
    > for yourself. If they're badly written and obfuscatory, so be it. It's
    > a reflection on the author and/or the position taken. (cf. Horowitz)
    > These are all difficult and volatile issues. Please feel free to post
    > some of your calmly reasoned favorites. (in full text, please!)

    I can agree to a point. On the other hand, I don't need to have (eg)
    Horowitz shock me into considering other viewpoints. And it doesn't
    serve truth when you need a shovel to sort out the truth from the, uh,
    rest. It makes you wonder what they're covering up with the rhetoric.

    I promise that if I find a good example of balanced analysis that still
    can advocate a viewpoint, I'll give it virtual voice.


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