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Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 08:52:07 CUT

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    monkerud wrote:

    I'd like to see more comments because I think this makes people uneasy
    and no one wants to address the issues.

    JW reply:

    Witness the avalanche of responses.

    monkerud wrote:

    For example, is the military becoming filled with black and brown troops
    because this is the only place they can advance in society? Would the
    military draft work again in the middle class?

    JW reply:

    For someone whose fore and aft are wired together fairly well the
    military is a relatively secure environment (wars aside). I am not sure
    what the ratio of ethnic groupings are in the military these days, but I
    found the military more egalitarian in this respect thirty years ago
    than some segements of society and suspect that it still is.

    I have heard, however, that discipline and overall performance has been
    going down and there is some question as to how effective our forces
    would be under real stress.

    As far as a draft working in the middle class, I guess it would depend
    upon the motivation and whether or not people any longer have a sense of
    responsibility to the country.

    Before everyone jumps I want to point out that this sense of
    responsibility can go either way depending on what values are being
    taught. It doesn't have to mean blind obedience to the corporate


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