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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 00:27:02 CUT

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    I agree with Bill. My original plea was over who sets the political agenda
    for the left. I don't think that's someone who says, "My only reaction to
    the death of Che Guvarra was that he should have been home with his
    family,"should be setting the agenda. Where would we be if George
    Washington had been home with his family? Or Martin Luther King? Or the

    Okay, I'm ready to drop this. No need to pick on any one person. Each has
    his viewpoint and I respect it, just don't think that should be determining
    who to include in reunions of the 60s or other programs to discuss the
    politics of the times.

    best, Don Monkerud

    >No disdain, Joe. I can't write the kind of songs you can, and you
    >can't necessarily do everything everybody else can. It's as
    >simple as all that. It takes all kinds. It would be a very dull
    >world if we were all the same.
    > Bill Mandel
    >Joe McDonald wrote:
    >> gee wizz guys i am starting to feel like a tennis ball: i am an
    >>"artist" that "intuits" things and not a "logical type" i am just a
    >>"musician" "cut me some slack".
    >> wazzup dudes?! i don wanna beef again but i am having a Jane Fonda
    >>flashback when she told me "the GI's are just working class guys who dont
    >>know how to spell". well
    >> us dumb bells, or lumpen, or freaks bleed if you cut us and "serve" in
    >>all segments of society. disdain is not a nice thing even disguised as a
    >>complement. no cheers
    >> this time from me, country joe mcdonald
    >> William Mandel wrote:
    >> > My reaction to Joe's post to me a few days back was to flash on
    >> > de St. Exupery's phrase: "Happiness is when you are understood,"
    >> > and that artists often intuit things us supposedly logical types
    >> > have trouble with.
    >> > Bill Mandel
    >> >
    >> > Joe McDonald wrote:
    >> > >
    >> > > monkerud wrote:
    >> > >
    >> > > > If Joe's views are supposed to be from the left, we're in bad
    >>shape. And yet his views reveal how little the ideas that we put forth
    >>reached ordinary Americans.
    >> > > >
    >> > > > We should perhaps cut the guy some slack ... he's a musician after
    >>all and apparently didn't learn much from being around the political
    >> > >
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