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    I'd like to see more comments because I think this makes people uneasy and
    no one wants to address the issues. For example, is the military becoming
    filled with black and brown troops because this is the only place they can
    advance in society? Would the military draft work again in the middle
    class? Remember riots were fought in the streets over conscription during
    the Civil War... I happen to agree with you about citizen/soldiers. Can our
    military be considered citizen/soldiers because they are volunteers and not
    draftees? Senator Kennedy raised objections on the Senate floor when the
    draft was dropped, but everyone has now gone silent.

    best, Don

    >monkerud wrote:
    >There's been a lot of talk about veterans and little recognition that
    >this country no longer has the draft. The people who sign up cannot be
    >said to be a "citizen's army" like could have been said in past wars.
    >The US, least we forget, today has a professional army.
    >For those of you who observe the military. What type of difference does
    >this make in today's army? In the future of the military?
    >JW reply:
    >A mistake. If you are in favor of having any kind of a defensive
    >military then the best kind is where all citizens are obligated to
    >contribute and take the risk. On one hand it keeps the military closer
    >to society as a whole, and on the other it improves the level of the
    >military by providing it with a wider pool of skills and ideas.
    >You have lifted the lid to a particularly squirmy can of worms here,
    >Jerry West
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