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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 20:34:53 CUT

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    Let me try a short impression of what I think is happening in Germany. I do
    not think is it a simple drift to the right. I do think there are cross
    currents which sometimes make it hard to even define it in terms of right and
    1. The Greens are in the government. The foreign minister is Green. We who
    were in the Greens from the beginning have mixed feelings about this. There
    are many who simply say they are establishment, i.e. bad. On the other hand
    in those days we were trying to win elections, believing we could change
    policies (society???) that way. Have the Greens been successful at reaching
    any of the environmental and social goals we had in those days? Even that is
    hard to answer since the situation has changed, but on a local level there
    have certainly been successes. In any case, the Greens have split, not only
    on how much to compromise on environmental issues, but also on the question
    of participation in the wars, starting with the Gulf War. Those supporting
    the wars saw the aggressors as being something like fascists; those against
    the war usually chose that path because of Anti-americanism (though there are
    also true pacifists - a minority).
    2. The anti-immigrant sentiment which is very powerful in all of Europe, not
    only Austria, is shared by some of those who participated in th the 60's
    movement. This is partly simple racism which has always been a problem in
    Europe and no one was ever much interested in dealing with it. But some
    former leftists have derived their anti-immigrant stance from a need to
    maintain their national identity which they feel is actually most threatened
    by US American culture. Thus there is linkage between racism, nationalism
    and an anti-americanism that derives from opposition to american policies of
    intervention starting with the war in Viet Nam.
    3. There is no young generation of questioning rebels as we were in the 60's.
     They are mostly not terribly interested, but they are not drifting to the
    right either. When I have asked them why they don't protest, they say, you
    60's people have changed things so that there is nothing for us to protest
    The other complication in Germany is reunification which is not going that
    smoothly. Both sides blame the other for the problems that exist, mainly
    unemployment and the excesses(sic!) against immigrants.
    Gretchen Dutschke

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