[sixties-l] Hiroshima as military target

From: jo grant (jgrant@bookzen.com)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 14:33:20 CUT

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    Jerry West wrote:

    > Hiroshima was a valid military target being an Army headquarters, and
    > neighboring Kure was a major naval base, so one could make an argument
    > for bombing it.

    I wish I had access to all the stored material right now, but I do not;
    however, I recall charts of the destroyed areas of Hiroshima and the
    military and industrial, along with the naval facilities--to the best of my
    recollection--were either spared or suffered only moderate damage.

    Pentagon and Defense Dept public relations painted a convincing picture--to
    the general public--that the bombs "saved millions of American lives." but
    those were the acts of a terrorist government.

    Lt. Calley was recentlu mentioned in a couple of posts. He may have been
    made a scapegoat, and he was tried and found guilty and sentenced to
    prison, but Calley never spent time in prison. He never saw the inside of a
    prison cell. Restricted to base and his quarters--house arrest--yes, but he
    walked. POssibly others could also have been prosecuted, but Calley was in
    charge, he committed crimes, and he was convicted. Only a small number of
    Americans are aware that he was never punished.

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