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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 06:23:58 CUT

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    There's been a lot of talk about veterans and little recognition that this
    country no longer has the draft. The people who sign up cannot be said to
    be a "citizen's army" like could have been said in past wars. The US, least
    we forget, today has a professional army.

    For those of you who observe the military. What type of difference does
    this make in today's army? In the future of the military?

    best, Don Monkerud

    >It was significant that the Veterans Administration waited until the
    >leadup to the Gulf War to recognize that complaints made by vets who had
    >been dosed with Agent Orange were legitimate. It certainly was a factor
    >in cutting short the life of a Marine medic and beautiful human being,
    >Jack McCloskey, whom Joe and I both knew, who was one of the founders of
    >the VVAW chapter in San Francisco.
    >Now, predictably, the Administration is in the same type of denial
    >concerning Gulf War Syndrome. It will probably take another intervention
    >to get to concede on that one.
    >Jeff Blankfort
    >Joe McDonald wrote:
    >> The struggle for compensation for Agent Orange poisoning goes on. Civilians
    >> are now in an uproar about dioxin as a "known carcinogen" but i submit
    >> excerpts just received from a Vietnam Veteran friend just to remind the
    >> list of what we did to our own in Vietnam and that these individuals, their
    >> children and even their grandchildren get little attention for their
    >> problems from any sector of the country. How do we interpret that? Do they
    >> deserve what they got? i dont think so. The following words at from the
    >> present not the past:
    >> > "Well, I think the Congressional Hearing went well but boy was it sad.
    >> > There were five of us Vietnam Vet women testifying. I tried to not cry
    >> > but I didn't make it....talking about my children's illnesses was just
    >> > too painful. We did address our grandchildren's problems too, as they
    >> > seem to be affected by Agent Orange as well."
    >> > "Very sad to see the results from Agent Orange. One woman there has two
    >> > out of four children...with cancer. Another woman is in a wheelchair
    >> > and has lung damage......sisters with hip and knee replacements,
    >> > MS....very, very sad."
    >> cheers, country joe mcdonald

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