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From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 20:06:31 CUT

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    It was significant that the Veterans Administration waited until the
    leadup to the Gulf War to recognize that complaints made by vets who had
    been dosed with Agent Orange were legitimate. It certainly was a factor
    in cutting short the life of a Marine medic and beautiful human being,
    Jack McCloskey, whom Joe and I both knew, who was one of the founders of
    the VVAW chapter in San Francisco.

    Now, predictably, the Administration is in the same type of denial
    concerning Gulf War Syndrome. It will probably take another intervention
    to get to concede on that one.

    Jeff Blankfort

    Joe McDonald wrote:

    > The struggle for compensation for Agent Orange poisoning goes on. Civilians
    > are now in an uproar about dioxin as a "known carcinogen" but i submit
    > excerpts just received from a Vietnam Veteran friend just to remind the
    > list of what we did to our own in Vietnam and that these individuals, their
    > children and even their grandchildren get little attention for their
    > problems from any sector of the country. How do we interpret that? Do they
    > deserve what they got? i dont think so. The following words at from the
    > present not the past:
    > > "Well, I think the Congressional Hearing went well but boy was it sad.
    > > There were five of us Vietnam Vet women testifying. I tried to not cry
    > > but I didn't make it....talking about my children's illnesses was just
    > > too painful. We did address our grandchildren's problems too, as they
    > > seem to be affected by Agent Orange as well."
    > > "Very sad to see the results from Agent Orange. One woman there has two
    > > out of four children...with cancer. Another woman is in a wheelchair
    > > and has lung damage......sisters with hip and knee replacements,
    > > MS....very, very sad."
    > cheers, country joe mcdonald

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