From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 06:39:40 CUT

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    >The PNN (Pacifica Network News) strikers
    >Dear progressive radio activist,
    >First, we'd like to thank you for your support of Free Speech Radio News by
    >broadcasting it on your stations, by listening to it regularly, and by
    >donating funding to keep it going. We began producing the weekly "strikers'
    >newscast" in early February; we have since heard from many people that they
    >consider it a reliable, critical, and truly grassroots source of news from
    >around the world.
    >However, after an outpouring of small ($20-$50) donations from listeners
    >earlier in the year, the pace of giving has dropped dramatically, and we
    >are finding it increasingly difficult to pay the bills. Expenses include
    >studio rental, phone, fax and shipping, audio supplies and compensation to
    >the freelance journalists whose work you hear on the cast. Without an
    >immediate infusion of funds and a structure to support the cast into the
    >future, Free Speech Radio News will not be around much longer.
    >Most community-supported radio programs raise money through
    >on-air fund drives, but Free Speech Radio News has been unable to do this.
    >We have relied on a short fund pitch at the end of each newscast, as well
    >as frequent internet solicitations and word-of-mouth in the activist
    >community to raise needed monies. This has unfortunately not proven to be
    >enough to continue funding Free Speech Radio News.
    >Now, we are turning to you: station managers and news directors who run the
    >cast, and listener/activists who appreciate the news we deliver. Here's
    >what you can do:
    >1. If you are one of the nearly three dozen station running
    > Free Speech Radio News, please pay what you can for the cast. We
    > know many
    >community stations have limited funding available for programming and no
    >one will be denied the cast for lack of funds. However, if you can pay for
    >programming, we'd suggest a minimum of $50-100 a month, or more if you can
    >afford it. Tell us what you'd like to pay by sending an email to
    >pnnstrikers@igc.org and we'll send you an invoice every month (or every
    >quarter or year; please specify what billing period is most convenient for
    >2. If you are a listener, become a sustainer. Consider pledging $10, $25,
    >$50 or more per month to keep a quality news alternative on the air. Send
    >an email to pnnstrikers@igc.org with your email and postal addresses, the
    >amount you want to pledge each month. And, tell us if it's ok to list your
    >name on our web page as a contributor. We'll send you a reminder each month
    >by email or postal mail -- whichever you prefer.
    >3. Consider organizing a special pledge drive just for Free Speech Radio
    >News at your station. WCBN in Ann Arbor did essentially that, and raised
    >hundreds of dollars which they've donated to Free Speech Radio News. You
    >can read WCBN's statement at http://wcbn.org/pacifica.html.
    >At a minimum, we need to raise enough money to support the production of a
    >weekly newscast -- about $7000 per month. We would, however, be delighted
    >to raise more than that, enabling us to expand Free Speech Radio News
    >production to more days per week.
    >If you can think of other ways to help, let us know. We want
    >to keep the newscast coming, but we'll need listener and station support to
    >make it happen.
    >In solidarity,
    >The PNN (Pacifica Network News) strikers

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