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    And SS soldiers generally believed that humanity, Germans first
    of course, would benefit if Jews were wiped out of existence.
                                            Bill Mandel

    Jerry West wrote:
    > William Mandel wrote:
    > The atomic murder of tens of thousands of civilian children, women, and
    > mmen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not what ended the war, ....
    > JW reply:
    > I agree with you, William, but this is not the issue and you never did
    > answer my question which was:
    > Hiroshima was a valid military target being an Army headquarters, and
    > neighboring Kure was a major naval base, so one could make an argument
    > for bombing it. What if the pilot truly believed that by dropping his
    > weapon he would save upwards of a million American lives? (the estimates
    > on the invasion of Japan, another needless exercise in my opinion, were
    > horrendous). Is he more of a war criminal for bringing a quick end to
    > the war, or for refusing and maybe dragging the war on for who knows how
    > long at great cost of life on both sides?
    > Remember, the question here is not whether the bombing of Hiroshima was
    > right or wrong, but whether the pilot was wrong and a war criminal if he
    > truly believed that he was saving lives by doing so.
    > Whether there was actually good reason to bomb Hiroshima or not is not
    > the issue. For the sake of this point you must assume that from all of
    > the information provided to him the pilot believed in good faith that
    > there was.
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