[sixties-l] Re: Civil War & Slavery, Plantation to the Penitentary, et al

From: Lynn Patrick Doyle (franclyn@wtp.net)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 02:19:52 CUT

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    I did not intend (or anticipate - ignorance springs eternal) that my
    response to the great beauty of emancipation would be interpreted in
    the way it was by some: please know that I am aware, as someone as
    acquainted with "the wretched as the complacent", that the horrors
    of racism, slavery, wage slavery, sexism, religious bigotry... remain

    I am grateful to those who so gently, eloquently clarified... (and
    that one who mentioned that some might be too busy to participate on
    a regular basis.. :)

    This listserv gives a lot.

    Peace With Justice.

    Lynn Patrick Doyle

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