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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 23:20:07 CUT

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    radman says:
    presenters familiar to the list include Dolores Huerta, Medea Benjamin
    among others...

    >From: "Wheaton, Sue" <Sue.Wheaton@juno.com>
    >Subject: AfD Convention Program; Early-Bird Extention to June 30
    >Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:40:11 -0400
    >Early-bird Alliance convention registration deadline extended to June 30 B
    >register now and save
    >To all Alliance members, chapter contacts and friends of the Alliance:
    >The Alliance for Democracy's Fourth National Convention, the Power to the
    >People Convention at the University of California at Davis on July 12-16,
    >promises to be a milestone in bringing together people and organizations on
    >the forefront of the growing populist movement, which is gaining strength
    >all over the country. Take a look at the planned program B you won't want to
    >miss what promises to be an historic meeting.
    >We have just extended the early-bird registration deadline to June 30. Use
    >the registraton form posted earlier on e-mail (also on the Alliance web
    >site: <thealliancefordemocracy.org> and come to Davis B you'll be glad you
    >did. For a registration form by fax or e-mail, call or e-mail Stephanie at
    >the AfD office: 781-894-1179; <peoplesall@aol.com>.
    >The Convention Planning Committee
    >Alliance for Democracy Convention 2000
    >Power to the People
    >University of California at Davis, July 12-16, 2000
    >Preliminary Schedule
    >Wednesday, July 12 (pm)
    >1 pm National AfD Council Meeting B Tercero West in Tercero Main
    >5 pm Dinner B Tercero Dining Room
    >7 pm Registration, socializing, videos (Seattle and other)
    >Thursday, July 13
    >9 am Opening Plenary - Social Science 1100
    > Introductions, welcome from Davis Mayor Ken Wagstaff and
    >Warren Roberts, Director, University Arboretum, chapter/state roll call,
    >introductions, convention overview, adoption of rules and agenda, National
    >Coordinator' report, Nominating Committee report, Co-Chairs' report
    >11:30 am Lunch and free time; committee, group meetings
    >1 pm Campaign Finance Reform - Social Science 1100
    > Moderator: Jo Seidita, Co-Chair AFD Campaign and California
    >Clean Money Campaign
    > Introduction of Doris (Granny D) Haddock
    > Randy Kehler, Peace Activist
    > Ellen Miller, President, Public Campaign
    > Rick Reinert, Small Business Victim of Campaign Corruption
    >2:45 pm Workshops
    > Survey of Nationwide Local Initiatives - Paul Cienfuegos,
    > Director, Citizens Concerned About Corporations, Arcata, CA, AfD member,
    >and others (runs to 5:00 pm)
    > CFR - Democracy Brigades/The Role of CD B Randy Kehler; Nick
    > Penniman, AfD National Ronnie Dugger, AfD Founder
    > CFR - Clean Money/Clean Elections - Jo Seidita, Ellen
    > Miller, Ronnie Dugger
    > Fair Trade/Sustainable City - Nancy Price, AfD Co
    > Vice-Chair, Davis, CA Alliance
    > Media - "In the Can": Making Videos for Community TV@ - Suzi
    > Aufderheide, TV Producer; Wes Brain, Alliance for Sustainable Jobs
    >and the Economy (ASJE)
    > Media - "On the Air": Community Radio, Jim Tarbell and Tom
    > Wodetzki, AfD members
    > Voting Reform Now - Caleb Kleppner, Center for Voting and
    > Democracy
    >3:45 pm - Break
    >4 pm Above-listed CFR, Fair Trade, Media and Voting Reform workshops
    >5 B 7 pm Dinner and free time/committee meetings
    >7 pm Public Forum B Chemistry 194
    > Moderator: Garret Whitney, AfD Co-Vice Chair
    > Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange: APeople's Globalization vs.
    > Elite Globalization"
    > Doris AGranny D@ Haddock AReclaiming Our Democracy@
    > Gene Nichol, Dean, University of North Carolina Law School ,
    > AA People's Constitution: A Constitution Worthy of the Human
    > Race"
    > Reception following B Entertainment by singer Diane
    > Patterson
    >Friday, July 14
    >8:30 am Transforming the Corporation B Social Science 1100
    > Moderator: Ronnie Dugger, Campaign Chair
    > Bob Benson, Loyola University and National Lawyers Guild:
    > Productive Forms in Society Without Giant Corporations"
    > Ralph Estes, Founder, Stakeholders' Alliance, Washington, DC
    > "Corporate Accountability: An Indispensable Tool for Economic Democracy"
    > Steve Russell, Professor Political Science, University of
    > Texas, San Antonio and Chair, Texas Native American Bar
    > Association
    > "An Agenda for Taming the Transnational Corporation"
    >10:15 Break
    >10:30 Workshops
    > Transforming the Corporation: Corporate Personhood and What
    > Should We Do About Giant Corporations? David Cobb, Secretary,Texas
    >Green Party
    > Transforming the Corporation: Corporate Personhood and the
    > Point Arena, CA Local Initiative, AfD member Jan Edwards and others
    > Transforming the Corporation:Taming the Transnational
    > Corporation, Steve Russell
    > Transforming the Corporation: Corporate Accountability: An
    > Indispensable Tool for Economic Democracy, Ralph Estes
    >Note: Karen Coulter, Program on Corporations, Law and
    >Democracy Collective (POCLAD), will conduct another Transforming the
    >Corporation workshop on Saturday.
    >Noon Lunch and free time/committee meetings
    > FOOD SAFETY/FOOD SECURITY, Working Lunch - Tercero West
    > Ben Kjelshus and William Heffernan
    >1:30 pm Business plenary B Social Science 1100
    > Nominations for council and candidate speeches
    > Resolutions, including proposed actions
    >3 pm Break
    >3:15 pm The University Student Movement B Where is it now? How can we
    > support it?
    > Margareta Lelea, University of Californiai at Davis, and
    > other student (to be determined)
    >4 pm Resolutions, proposed actions, continued
    >5:30 pm Dinner and free time/committee meetings
    >7 pm Public Forum: Bringing the Peoples' Movement
    > Jim Wallis, Sojourners Community: AWhat Does A Faith
    >Perspective Bring To the Movement?@
    > Dolores Huerta, United Farmworkers
    > Medea Benjamin, Founder, Global Exchange (Ms. Benjamin's
    > presentation does not represent AfD endorsement of her candidacy
    >for the
    > U.S. Senate.)
    > 8:30 am Corporate Globalization Campaign - Social Science 1100
    > Corporate Globalization/Gutting GATS
    > Overview of General Agreement on Trades and Services (GATS)
    > and Privatization
    > Ruth Caplan, Campaign Co-Chair, Moderator
    > Kim Diehl, Institute for Southern Studies
    > Marie McLean, Water Researcher
    > Bill Rukeyser, Center for Commercial Free Education
    > Sally Soriano, Washington State Campaign for Single Payer
    > Healthcare
    >10:30 am Positive Visions: Alternatives To Corporation Globalization:
    > Common Agreement on Investment & Society (CAIS) - Dave Lewit,
    > Campaign Co-Chair
    > (Corporate Globalization Campaign workshops will be held in
    >the afternoon, with others)
    >11:45 am Lunch and free time/committee meetings/recreation
    > Health Care Action Group, Working Lunch with Dr. Quentin
    > Young - Tercero West
    >1 pm Plenary: Health Care Action Social Science 1100
    > Dr. Quentin Young, National Director, Physicians for a
    > National Health Plan
    >2 pm Break
    >2:15 pm Concurrent Workshops
    > Independent Allies in Education and Action: Diversity in
    >Coalition Building -- The Sacramento Valley Progressive Coalition as Model
    >(runs to 4:30)
    > Arline Prigoff, Sacramento Alliance, Moderator
    > Alaina Fasano - student activist and community
    > organizer, Del Paso Heights
    > Emanuel Gale - Professor of Gerontology and Social
    > Work at California State University, Sacramento, health activist
    >and founder of the Sacramento Valley Progressive Agenda
    > Ruth Holbrook - Sacramento Central Labor Council and
    > Living Wage Campaign
    > Faye Kennedy - Child Care and Peace Action advocate and activist
    > Carl Pinkston - Sacramento leader, Black Radical
    > Congress and "Campaign vs.
    > Police Racial Profiling: Driving While Black and Brown"
    > Eric Vega - Faculty, Ethnic Studies Dept, California State
    > University,
    > organizer of Sacramento Activist Summer School
    > and "Campaign vs. Police Racial Profiling: Driving While Black
    > and Brown"
    > Representative- Zapatista Solidarity Coalition of Sacramento
    > Representative- Committee for Education & Outreach
    > on Economic Globalization,Sacramento Valley Progressive Agenda
    > Transforming the Corporation: Concepts of Property and the
    > Rise of Corporate Power, Karen Coulter, Program on Corporations,
    >Law and Democracy Collective (POCLAD (runs to to 4:30)
    > Time's Up - Can Democracy Survive Our Ecological
    > Environment?, Garret Whitney and Kati Winchell, members of the
    >Northbridge, MA Alliance (runs to 4:30)
    > Corporate Globalization - Privatization of Prisons, Kim Diehl
    > Corporate Globalization - Privatization of Water, Marie McLean
    > Corporate Globalization - Privatization of Health, Sally Soriano
    > Corporate Globalization - Privatization of Education, Bill Rukeyser
    >3:15 Break
    >3:30 pm - Workshops: two-hour workshops continue; workshops on
    > Corporate Globalization repeated
    >4:45 pm Regional Caucuses - Tercero Dorm Complex
    >7:00 pm PARTY! Barbecue, Entertainment and Dancing - Putah Crk Lodge
    >SUNDAY - July 16, 2000
    >9:00 am Plenary Social Sciences 1100
    > Ron Daniels, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional
    > Rights, Bringing the Larger Movement Together
    >10 am Other AfD business, announcements, next steps
    >Noon Convention adjourns
    >1 - 3 pm Council meeting

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