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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 19:11:05 CUT

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    >i would like to apologize to the women on the sixties list. Thanks to the
    >of Roz Payne i realize that the list is dominated by men ranting and raving,
    >myself being one of them, just the same as it was in the 60's. If there
    >is any
    >hope for the country and the world it is the female point of view and the
    >leadership of women. One half of human history belongs to women but we are
    >overwhelmed with the male point of view.

    Women certainly have their voices today and one thing about the internet is
    men can't overtalk them, change the subject or try to quiet them, like we
    did AT THE BEGINNING of the 60s. I've sent posts to several women from
    Black Bear whom I thought might want to participate, but haven't seen them
    here. Could it be men can talk tirelessly about these subjects while women
    have better things to do :-) ....

    best, Don Monkerud

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