Re: [sixties-l] Re: Civil War & Slavery

Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 13:38:27 CUT

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    Jerry West <> writes:

    "40 years ago in Jr. High we were taught (in Kerman,
     CA) that the Civil War was not fought over slavery,
     but over states rights."

     The whole notion of "states rights" is an abuse
     of terminology. States do not have "rights."
     They have *powers.* Only individuals have

     The Founders of the Republic recognized this
     distinction in the Bill of Rights. The 9th
     Amendment guarantees that certain "rights"
     shall be retained "by the people" even though
     they are not explicitly spelled out in the

     The 10th Amendment reserves *powers* not
     delegated to the federal government to the
     states, or to the people.

     People have powers and rights, but governments
     only have powers.

     The defenders of "states rights" would serve
     their cause better if they understood what
     they are trying to do, that is, defend the
     notion of limited powers of the federal

      ~ Michael Wright
        Norman, Oklahoma

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