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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 17:02:37 CUT

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    I know of many examples of small samples of opinion contrary to
    the general view from which correct conclusions can be drawn. In
    my own case, I think back on a number of individual encounters in
    the Soviet Union over the years whose significance I refused to
    believe, because I did not want to think that that society was
    fundamentally on the wrong track.
                                            William Mandel

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > I went to the town of Beallesville,
    > Ohio, (Pop. 500) in May, 1969, to interview the parents of five boys who
    > had been killed in Vietnam, for Ramparts Magazine. The parents spoke of
    > the letters they had received from their sons before the notices of
    > their deaths, in which the sentiments of doubt about the war and
    > depression predominated. While this is a small sample from which to
    > reach a conclusion, I think it is safe one

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