Re: [sixties-l] Gore v. Bush

From: Tony Edmonds (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 13:16:01 CUT

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    Ted Morgan wrote:

    >Interesting, Stew. I have to say, Gore is quite clearly part of the
    >--not just dull. That's why I'm working for and going to vote for Ralph
    >for President. He ain't perfect, but at least he's in the ballpark of
    being part
    >of the solution, not of the problem.

    But isn't backing candidates who have no chance of winning and who will take
    votes away from the less objectionable mainstram candidate part of the
    problem as well. Stew's post made a lot of sense to me. Of course, back in
    the sixties, I always though the hard left, pro-Ho folks were part of the
    problem as well.

    Tony Edmonds
    Ball State University

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