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From: Jerry West (record@island.net)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 08:03:39 CUT

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    As Jeffrey Blankfort and others have pointed out the freeing of the
    slaves takes on many facets in the dynamic of the Civil War. 40 years
    ago in Jr. High we were taught (in Kerman, CA) that the Civil War was
    not fought over slavery, but over states rights.

    I found that a disingenous interpretation of fact considering that the
    issue of states rights arose over slavery and the apportioning of slave
    holding status among newly admitted states. Of course it is a
    convenient interpretation for southern apologists.

    On the surface the war was fought over slavery, even if the actual
    freeing of the slaves was done in steps and in response to other
    concerns. Of course beneath the surface flow the economic reasons which
    may have been the real precipitators of the conflict, but whatever the
    underlying causes, slavery was the prominent issue and an end to slavery
    was a fortunate result of a Union victory.

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