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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 04:37:38 CUT

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    i am sorry for everything i said Jeffrey Blankfort: you know about Native Americans. you
    know about my Mother Florence McDonald. you know about American Flags. i bet you know a lot
    about sexism too? share it with us please.

    How has the 60's changed the 21st century for women? my mother was a woman. one half of
    Native Americans are women. Lots of people on this list are women.

    i for one am ready to give up my male "power". i find myself making myself sick with my own
    male bull shit. you are right and i am wrong. i am proud of the way i wash dishes. i am
    proud of changing my childrens diapers. i hate politics. i love music. i like to think my
    music did some good.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > Joe, you were at least proud enough about your grabbing that flag away
    > from its would-be burners that you felt the list should know about it.
    > Frankly, what those folks wanted to do with it was really not your
    > business. And please don't use as a justification for your action,
    > Native Americans, whose ancestors' genocide was carried out under that
    > flag, and who due to the destruction of their nations' cultures and
    > economies that followed, ironically, found service in the US military
    > their only survival solution.
    > Please do not place my opinion of your mother with that of Horowitz for
    > you insult her memory and the respect that I had for her by doing so.
    > You may say that you have known all that I have been talking about since
    > you were 10, and I would have believed that during the period of your
    > anti-war work, which was a key part of that movement, but this and other
    > posts that I have read on this list convince me that somewhere along the
    > way, you've lost it. I mean, tying a yellow ribbon a tree when the US
    > went off to annihilate Iraq, is not something, I think, your mother
    > would have either done or condoned.
    > With respect,
    > Jeff Blankfort
    > > Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 19:46:31 -0700
    > > From: Joe McDonald <>
    > > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] Re: sixties-l-Re Vietnam Memorial
    > >
    > > well golly Jeffrey Blankfort you sure got a slow fuse. i never said i "proudly
    > > defend"ed anything. Remember i said IT DON'T MEAN SHIT!
    > > But i reacted instinctually not rationally with not wanting to see a flag burned out or
    > > respect for those who died for or as native american warriors say "behind" the flag.
    > >
    > > It seems not only David Horowitiz but you too are an expert on my momma and what she
    > > believed. i don't think so. i know all of what yer talking about since i was 10 years
    > > old.
    > >
    > > Some good old boys tolerate me but you are mixing things up a bit. "honor the warrior
    > > not the war" puts me right in with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War group, you
    > > betcha! Honor the flag,well i donno about that. i did tie a yellow ribbon on the tree
    > > in front of my house when my nephew went off with the airborne to the Persian Gulf and
    > > kept it there until, thank god, he came back home. But we dont hang flags or burn
    > > flags at my house.
    > >
    > > As far as trying to be "holy" i got nothing to prove and "holy" is a strange word to
    > > use to someone who is not religious at all. Remember i was raised by Communist
    > > Atheists and unlike Mr Hororwitz have yet to "denounce" my parents and their beliefs.
    > >
    > > Things are often not what they seem. i just happen to believe in "respect" and civility
    > > how bout you?
    > >
    > > As far as holes are concerned we are all in the same hole, make a lttle room eh, its
    > > crowded in here.
    > >
    > > cheers, country joe mcdonald
    > >
    > > Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > >
    > > > I preface my response to Joe McDonald's defense of the
    > > > US flag and flags, in general, because it is the US flag that he so
    > > > proudly defends from the fire of legitimate protest that symbolizes the
    > > > genocidal sanctions that have been carried out under a UN Security
    > > > Council that is virtually in the pocket of whatever administration is in
    > > > place in Washington.
    > > >
    > > > Frankly, Joe, I think you have to take some time out and study the same
    > > > history that informed and inspired your mother
    > > >
    > > > Yeah, honor the warrior and honor the flag. That puts you right there
    > > > with "the god old boys."
    > > >
    > > > When you tried to be the holiest of the holiest, Joe, you end up digging
    > > > yourself into a hole.
    > > >
    > > > Jeff Blankfort

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