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Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 22:35:10 CUT

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    The best argument I have heard in favor of Nader against those
    who say, "Do you mean you want Bush as president?", is that a
    substantial Nader vote will compel the next Demopub president to
    look over his shoulder for fear of a modern equivalent of the
    replacement of the Whigs by the Republicans at the following
    election. Without that, even a Gore election would mean an even
    more rapid scurrying to the Right than we have seen under
    Clinton. On the Supreme Court appointments argument, there was an
    excellent post reviewing the behavior of appointees by Republican
    and Democratic presidents, showing that most of them do not
    follow the predicted or expected courses, either way.
                                    William Mandel

    Ted Morgan wrote:
    > Interesting, Stew. I have to say, Gore is quite clearly part of the problem
    > --not just dull. That's why I'm working for and going to vote for Ralph Nader
    > for President. He ain't perfect, but at least he's in the ballpark of being part
    > of the solution, not of the problem. I urge folks to check out
    > & other sites I can pass along.
    > For the record, re. our "2-party system" a Democrat or Republican needs 2000
    > signatures to qualify for the primary ballot. A 3rd party candidate has to
    > collect 23,000 legitimate signatures (that will be challenged, combed over, etc.
    > by party flacks) to get on the Nov. ballot. Hmmmm.
    > Maybe you ought to put the Nader links on your web page, too, Stew!
    > :>)
    > Ted Morgan
    > wrote:
    > > <snip?
    > > Agreed Gore is an inaction toy. But he'll make the country five percent
    > > better. And with luck he'll find his own private Lewinsky and strive for six.
    > > Having him in the oval office is the best the short run has to offer. And we
    > > deserve it. We shouldn't have been caught napping at the wheel of power.
    > > The long run is our hope. Our patience is running out. There are scripts
    > > to be written at parts to be cast. The play has been named democracy. Let's
    > > do the producing for the hell of it. Everybody having a really good time is
    > > the American dream.

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