[sixties-l] Comment on Raves

From: Sorrento95@aol.com
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 14:03:11 CUT

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    In a note forwarded by radman, Errico
    Malatesta writes:

    "The truth is that busting raves is not about
     saving people from themselves, or noise complaints,
     or 'disorderly conduct' or any of that. "

    Interestingly, "Malatesta" literally means
    "headache" in Italian.

    I have to question Malatesta's statement. As one
    who has suffered thousands of hours of sleep
    deprivation over the years from various sources
    of noise pollution, including outdoor rock bands,
    which can now be heard for distances as great as
    a mile, I am adament on the subject of right to

    I have no problem with people "raving" all
    night long, as long as the electronic audio
    stimulus they require to exercise their "right
    of free assembly" is not imposed on others
    who don't want to hear it. From what I read
    from participants on a noise pollution
    discussion list, this is not always the case
    with "ravers."

    The other issue is hearing impairment, which
    is America's most prevalent chronic illness.
    According to NIH, there were 28 million cases
    in the early 90s, and 10 million cases were
    caused by excessive noise. Loud audio enter-
    tainment stimulus (I hesitate to call it
    "music") is a big contributor.

    People have the right to ruin their hearing
    if they want, but those who organize and plan
    "rave" events are being irresponsible if they
    don't educate their crowds about the risks,
    and under NO circumstances should ANY enter-
    tainment noise be allowed to inflict others
    who DON'T want to hear it.

    The working class deserves a full night's
    worth of undisturbed sleep ! And those who
    inflict us with sleep deprivation with their
    recreational noise-making are reactionary
    and oppressive, regardless of whatever sophistry
    they use to justify their nuisance behavior
    as being somehow "progressive" civil disobedience.

    ~~ Michael Wright
      Norman, Oklahoma

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