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From: Richard Waddell (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 06:42:12 CUT

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    Don Monkerud wrote:
    >That people aren't up in arms with the distribution of income is beyond me.
    >The janitors fight tooth and nail to make $10 an hour while CEOs make $50
    >million or $25 million. Our new post-Reagan "new consciousness"? Or a
    >justification of a system that gives some 400 times more pay than others,
    >often for less physical or mental work, and then has those making less
    >justifying their lack of pay... (Last time I looked this was called false

    I also find this lack of concern hard to understand. The large income
    differentials undermine our democratic system. Wealth equals political
    power. (e.g., Steve Forbes) Beyond their personal wealth, corporate
    executives typically control large employee political funds (corporate

    Rank and file corporate employees seldom have any control over PAC money,
    which brings me to this question. Can anyone tell us about the control of
    corporations in Germany. I remember reading some time ago that, by the
    constitution we imposed on the Germans following WWII, employees elect
    members to larger corporations.

    Richard Waddell

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