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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 03:36:58 CUT

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    Yes Jeffrey Blankfort i remember you taking pictures of my wedding But aside from that
    you are still a little sloppy on your arguments.

    i did not mention "policemen" you did.

    The number of suicides of Vietnam Vets, and suicide like deaths, has not been
    confirmed. The statement that it is higher than that of war deaths is still a "rumor"
    non confirmed.

    The remark about "homeless men" being Vietnam Vets excludes women AND the official
    stats nationally are 30 percent of the homeless are veterans and 40 percent in
    California. Most of them from the Vietnam Era.

    Jeffrey i have been on this subject for 30 years now and take it very seriously. It
    is disrespectful for amateurs to challenge professional with vague statistics and

    Yes they were very nice photos.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > I don't have the post I responded to handy, but whether it was Cabral or
    > Joe McDonald who compared honoring soldiers that went to Vietnam with
    > fireman responding to a fire or policeman responding to a 911,

    > In closing, I think the situation of Viet Vets in the US is a sad one.
    > The number of suicides in their ranks long ago eclipsed the humber of
    > those who died in Vietnam and when one sees a homeless man of a certain
    > age who looks otherwise healthy, the chances are he is a Vietnam vet.
    > Putting up one or a dozen or a hundred plaques, honoring his service,
    > isn't going to help one whit that man on the corner with a sign saying
    > he is a vet and asking for a handout. You asked for input from folks on
    > this list and without apology, I have given you mine.
    > Sorry, BTW, for the spelling typo. I do know better. You may not
    > recall but I took your wedding photos (and a great wedding it was with
    > Saul Landau doing the officiating) at the Julian St. church in the
    > Mission way back when and one of the photos landed on the cover of your
    > album "Coming Together," (I believe was the title, the one dedicated to
    > Bobby Hutton).

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