[sixties-l] New Black Panther Movement (more info)

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 05:33:56 CUT

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    >From: Michael Haggerty <exodusn@idt.net>
    >Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2000 10:07 PM
    > Houston, Texas
    >Greetings Sis. Marpessa, and others.
    > Again I am humbled to be a part of the struggle to liberate our people
    >and to be involved currently with the effort to save our Brother Shaka
    > As I wrote on yesterday a coalition of groups including members of
    >Houston - NBUF,The New Black Panther Party, New Black Muslim Movement
    >and others numbering about 20 brothers and sisters initiated an armed
    >protest action near 12:00 noon at the Republican Convention here. There
    >was a statement read which was carried on live television calling for
    >several demands as listed below as
    > New Black Panther Movement
    > We Demand, an immediate moratorium on the white supremacist/racist and
    >classist death penalty in the state of Texas and across the country.
    > We Demand, that the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Texas
    >Board of Pardons and Paroles and any other political or judicial bodies
    >grant a pardon or clemency and a new trial for Shaka Sankofa (Gary
    > We Demand, that Black elected officials in the Republican and Democratic
    >parties end their silence on this critical issue and speak out in favor
    >of a moratorium on the death penalty.
    > We Demand, an end to the outrageous expansion of the prison industrial
    >complex and the phony "war on Drugs" swallowing up Blacks, and Latinos
    >in record numbers. We say Reparations and Education, not incarceration,
    >We say Prevention not Detention!
    > We Call On, Black people at home in Afrika, in the United States, in the
    >Carribean and throughout the World to throw off the yoke of oppression
    >and speak truth to power. Further, to our people we must do everything in
    >our power and work tirelessly to keep our children from falling in the
    >trap of the white racist "criminal justice system"
    > We charge, the white man with conspiracy to commit Genocide in the form
    >of legalized slavery with the building of his mass prison industrial
    > Amendment #13 of the U.S. Constitution Section 1 states that " Neither
    >Slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime where
    >of the party shall have duly convicted, shall exist within the United
    >States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
    > New Black Panther Party
    >National Black United Front - Houston Chapter
    >New Black Muslim Movement
    > Protest continued on Friday, Saturday and we will send out an updated
    >list of events.
    > Aluta Continua
    >Omowale Manu

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