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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 17:41:40 CUT

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    moderator, in first note i forgot the subject again, sorry this one has it.
     Jeff writes
    << I preface my response to Joe McDonald's defense of the
    US flag and flags, in general, because it is the US flag that he so
    proudly defends from the fire of legitimate protest that symbolizes the
    genocidal sanctions that have been carried out under a UN Security
    Council that is virtually in the pocket of whatever administration is in
    place in Washington. >>

    Im going to tell you a story of my father . In the 60's, after I left home
    he and my mother bought a house that had a flag pole in front of it. My
    parents were more radical than most of us. They were anarchist, communists,
    socialists, radicals, independents, workers ,intellectuals, members of the LA
    county museum. opera lovers etc. exceptional folks.
    My father put an American flag up on that flag pole that came with the house.
    When I would visit I would bitterly complain.
    A number of years later I was shopping with him at a hardware store and he pic
    ked up an American flag to buy. He said, "I know you don't like this. I
    think that it is important for the neighbors ( all the neighbors knew his
    politics) to understand what the American flag really stands for, liberty,
    justice for all. " My father would go to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Club
    house in Culver City and hang there with his buddies of foreign wars and
    discuss (knowing my loud voice Italian father , probably argue) about US
    politics and drink beer . They became close friends with him and came often
    to his house with the American flag flying in front. He would say, "
    now they know what America is really about."
    The funny part of the story was my father was Not a Veteran of any war. He
    was an electrician and did important work in the US .
    my best, roz payne

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