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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 02:46:31 CUT

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    well golly Jeffrey Blankfort you sure got a slow fuse. i never said i "proudly
    defend"ed anything. Remember i said IT DON'T MEAN SHIT!
    But i reacted instinctually not rationally with not wanting to see a flag burned out or
    respect for those who died for or as native american warriors say "behind" the flag.

    It seems not only David Horowitiz but you too are an expert on my momma and what she
    believed. i don't think so. i know all of what yer talking about since i was 10 years

    Some good old boys tolerate me but you are mixing things up a bit. "honor the warrior
    not the war" puts me right in with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War group, you
    betcha! Honor the flag,well i donno about that. i did tie a yellow ribbon on the tree
    in front of my house when my nephew went off with the airborne to the Persian Gulf and
    kept it there until, thank god, he came back home. But we dont hang flags or burn
    flags at my house.

    As far as trying to be "holy" i got nothing to prove and "holy" is a strange word to
    use to someone who is not religious at all. Remember i was raised by Communist
    Atheists and unlike Mr Hororwitz have yet to "denounce" my parents and their beliefs.

    Things are often not what they seem. i just happen to believe in "respect" and civility
    how bout you?

    As far as holes are concerned we are all in the same hole, make a lttle room eh, its
    crowded in here.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > I preface my response to Joe McDonald's defense of the
    > US flag and flags, in general, because it is the US flag that he so
    > proudly defends from the fire of legitimate protest that symbolizes the
    > genocidal sanctions that have been carried out under a UN Security
    > Council that is virtually in the pocket of whatever administration is in
    > place in Washington.
    > Frankly, Joe, I think you have to take some time out and study the same
    > history that informed and inspired your mother
    > Yeah, honor the warrior and honor the flag. That puts you right there
    > with "the god old boys."
    > When you tried to be the holiest of the holiest, Joe, you end up digging
    > yourself into a hole.
    > Jeff Blankfort

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