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    VW is the abbreviation of Volkswagen, which means "People's Car."
    It was one of the things with which Hitler convinced Germans that
    he was good for them. The company was owned by Hermann Goering,
    the ultra-fat head of the Storm Troops, best remembered by some
    of us for something that had nothing to do with cars.
        In 1933, when the Nazis burned down the Reichstag (Capitol)
    building and blamed it on Communists, Goering appeared as a
    witness. The chief Communist defendant, a Bulgarian named George
    Dimitroff, despite his poor German and long time in solitary
    confinement, cross-examined Goering so devastatingly that the
    latter -- the NO. 2 man under Hitler at the time -- stalked out
    of the courtroom, turned in the doorway and yelled: "Wait till I
    get you outside!"
        That destroyed the Nazis' image totally. Stalin gave
    Dimitroff and his Bulgarian co-defendants Soviet citizenship.
    Hitler, with no army whatever as yet, turned them over to Moscow.
        Joe, that's what you get when you ask a question about cars.
                                            Bill Mandel
    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > does anyone know the story about the famous VW BUG car that became so
    > famous in the sixties? How did it come to be made in Germany and for
    > what? cheers, country joe mcdonald
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