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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 06:15:17 CUT

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    Joe: Stalinists, Trotskyists, and Maoists all regard themselves
    as Marxists. Stalinists believed that a socialist society could
    be constructed in a single country, the Soviet Union, when it
    turned out that expected revolutions in Western Europe did not
    take place. They didn't like the alternative, which was to
    surrender the revolution they had won.
            Trotskyists believe that socialism can only be brought about by
    a world revolution.
            Maoism, which developed thirty years later, is essentially
    whatever Mao Tse-tung did in China that was different from what
    happened in the Soviet Union. He thought that guerrilla wars
    could be won anywhere, and that socialism could be based on the
    peasantry. The others all thought it had to rest on the working
    class, and required an industrialized country.
                                            Bill Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > wrote:
    > > re- the Art Goldberg, David Horowitz, and me, letter
    > >
    > > This may a bit short but I want to make the point that Art Goldberg sent that
    > > letter to David Horowitz as a personal correspondence. It was not intended
    > > for publication. None of us wanted a public dispute with Horowitz. He
    > > reprinted the letter in Salon without permission. Certainly Goldberg could
    > > have sued if he was a mind but Art isn't that sort of guy. So, if
    > > participants in the '60's list are angry about Horowitz reprinting their
    > > exchanges on his web site without an ok, they should know that such actions
    > > are typical of David's "ends justify the means" style of neo-McCarthyite
    > > politics.
    > > Stew Albert
    > >
    > i asked mr horowitz off the list to explain why he disrespected my mother,
    > Florence McDonald in his book about hating the left wing. He answered me that
    > upon interviewing one "black woman" in the low cost housing complex in Berkeley
    > that my parents lived in, he decided that my mother, Florence McDonald,
    > "controlled" the housing and wanted the woman "kicked out" of the housing.
    > Which is not true at all. He also told me my mother was a "Stalinist". i
    > related back that it was news to me at that time period i am sure that she was
    > still dedicated to a form of democratic socialism but some type of "communism"
    > after being sold down the creek in the 50's witch hunts by her "commie" friends
    > and left out to dry...i dont think so. i also asked mr horowitz because he is a
    > self proclaimed expert on Communism to explain the difference between a
    > Stalinist, Trotskyist, Marxist and Maoist, i am sure my mother could explain,
    > myself i have never understood, mr horowitz did not reply.
    > i am just sharing this for two reasons. One to let people know that David
    > Horowitz is not always totally correct in what he writes having done poor
    > research at least in the case of my mother. And two hoping that maybe someone
    > on the list could explain in just a few simple paragraphs that this non
    > university educated musician could understand, just what the heck the difference
    > is between all those "ists"? cheers, country joe mcdonald
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