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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 05:02:18 CUT

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    Ted Morgan wrote:

    > Rather than a monument, I'd like to see
    > people come together and understand each other's experience back then
    > and help to get the reality of the US government's responsibility out in
    > the open where it belongs --but where it isn't. Whatever helps that
    > happen is to the good. It'll also help prevent the kind of bogus
    > propaganda used to mobilize public support for --and isolation
    > opposition to-- the Gulf War.
    > Ted Morgan

    That is what i find so interesting about the memorial in DC and the
    traveling memorials and the readings of names: people seem to come together
    and share experiences all of which are sad and terrible and non pro war.
    There should be more anti war activists at these events. Most people think
    that military veterans and war veterans will hate them and attack them if
    they are around them and they show their anti war colors. Remember it was
    soldiers in Vietnam who wore peace signs on their helmets and uniforms
    risking court martials and worse. It also is interesting see reactions
    civilians have to traditional military ceremonial things like: playing of
    taps, saluting the flag, laying of wreaths, color guards, etc. It is easy
    to condemn these things but then again it is always easy to disrespect and
    criticize. And traditions tend to hold people togeather in community.

    About flags: upon the outbreak of the Persian Gulf War i attended a protest
    march in San Diego. i was marching behind a group of young people who had
    an American Flag. They began to burn it. Without thinking i grabbed it
    away from them and put the fire out and kept the flag. They asked for it
    back and i said "no, because you do not understand what to do with a
    flag." In 1987 on the Berkeley Calif. Univ. Campus i had a week of events
    starting with a rally in Sproul Plaza, the location of many Vietnam War
    protests, where the Viet Cong Flag was flown. i insisted upon a South
    Vietnamese Flag being flown and it was. The South Vietnamese lost their
    entire country in the end.

     It is another form of imperialism for us to disrespect anyone's colors.
    The reality is that many people die for Flags and Flags are symbols of
    nations and peoples. We need diversity and respect of even our enemies.
    cheers, country joe mcdonald

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