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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 03:12:47 CUT

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    >Simply a matter of fact. The World War II generation is not in
    >power. Neither Clinton nor Gore. Clinton is younger than you,
    >Joe. There may still be a couple of WW II-age people on the
    >Supreme Court, but a minority. Also a few Congressional Committee
    >heads, very few. Likewise, industry and the banks and
    >transportation and the army are all run by post-WW II people. Bill Mandel

    While there was another post pointing out the WWII thinking and mind set
    that continues to rule the country, there's another aspect that intrigues
    me and someone must have done work on?

    Some claim the economy is being run for the interest rates and stock market
    capitalization and for dividends. The WWII generation is the one that
    controls the wealth, although they are starting to die off and leave it to
    their children. How much of the economic interests of the country is being
    run to protect this wealth? To lead to a favorable climate so the interest
    and dividend payments can keep the nest feathered? Or am I off base here?

    best, Don Monkerud

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