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From: Joe McDonald (joe@countryjoe.com)
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 00:15:43 CUT

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    Hallo Paul, i am responding to your post about coffee houses. do you
    know Alan Miller? i got the 3/4 inch video master from him. i am
    involved with the Oakland Museum on a show about california and the
    vietnam war. do you have achieves that reflect california and the
    vietnam war? it would be great to do something about this penom of the
    coffee houses and the whole story. do you happen to have anything about
    me and the FTA show my achieves are blank on that and i would love to
    fill in that blank.

    i left the show over Jane's elitism and political navet. Alan
    explained that she became more and more a radical maoist on the
    overseas tour and that is rather obvious in the film as she and the show
    participants spout slogans etc. i worried about the real political
    workers they came in contact with the the GI's and repercussions after
    the show left town. she was incapable of understanding that point of
    course to the extreme of endangering herself with the stupid act of
    visiting the POW camps and making msgs for Hanoi Hanna and of course
    getting photo opt on the anti aircraft gun. she will never live that
    down. now she is a born again christian rumor has it. as vonnegut says
    "so it goes"

    yes there should be an archive somewhere maybe the oakland museum is the
    place. E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is doing a 2 hour special in the
    fall on ms fonda and interviewed me about the FTA show and i volunteered
    the movie to them if they let me take it to the place to make a copy for
    them. we shall see what happens.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

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