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From: Paul.Lauter@mail.cc.trincoll.edu
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 21:15:03 CUT

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    Just a little footnote to Country Joe's comments on the GI anti-war coffee
    house activities. Joe wrote:

    >We performed anti-war entertainment at GI coffee houses
    around the
    USA. GI coffee houses were run by a group of anti-war people who mostly
    by moral concerns as opposed to political concerns of war.<

    I was director of the US Servicemen's Fund (great name to hide the
    reality), and believe me the people who worked in the office and almost
    all those who worked in the coffee houses and on underground GI papers
    were highly political folks--a
    little too much so, occasionally. In fact, many didn't want Jane F. and
    her show around for political (or maybe sectarian) reasons.
            As to the original movie--most of which, as I recall, was shot at
    Fort Hood--Jane F. HATED it--said it would interfere with her career.
    Others in USSF like Howard Levy thought it was perfectly good and a very
    useful fund-raiser for the coffee houses and papers. The dispute got to
    be very bitter (to say the least of it). It led Fonda, Sutherland et al
    to take the FTA show off on its own (after they performed it in NY) and in
    to a very conflicted tour
    around bases in the Philippines and elsewhere. But that's a much longer
    story. At any rate, I thought it was a fine representation of what was a
    rousing show.
            Make a video copy of that movie, Joe. I think there's a USSF
    archive somewhere, or should be. I've got a drawer full myself.
    Paul Lauter

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