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Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 17:20:48 CUT

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    monkerud wrote:

    > Concerning memorials to war dead... anyone else upset about the plan to
    > build a WWII memorial museum between the Lincoln and Washington memorial in
    > the capital?
    > While I can understand the motivation of the older set who want their
    > sacrifices to me remembered, the site will destroy what I understand is the
    > last large place to gather in the capital. That means the M.L. King civil
    > rights march, the million mom march and other such protest will occur where?
    > best, Don
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    > Black Bear Mining & Publishing Company

    well if it is true i for one am upset about it. i do not think that it is a
    coincidence that the WWII generation is still in power and has never given the
    60's generation any play even to the point of blaming the 60's generation for all
    modern day problems. Now after 50 years of VICTORY AT SEA etc etc WWII films and
    documentaries they want to rip up open space and build a mueum to their "good old
    days". Outrageous behavior. It is amazing how much disrespect and abuse the 60's
    generation is willing to take from these old folks who will never forgive us for
    smoking pot and loosing the war etc etc. cheers, country joe mcdonald

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