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From: Chuck Zlatkin (zlatkinc@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 17:58:47 CUT

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    Word here from another lurker. I was happy for the
    return of this list. It is a pleasure for me to be
    able to read the thoughts of Joe McDonald, Stew
    Albert, William Mandel and Marty Jezer, all people I
    None of them have the access to the media that David
    Horowitz has now.

    I am always fascinated by people like Phillip Abbott
    Luce, Mark Lane, Nat Hentoff, and Steve Allen. They
    have all found it attractive to embrace the rightwing
    to some extent. Their explanations are always

    David Horowitz is the same person he has always been.
    The only difference is the political ideology
    that he has chosen to embrace.

    I am not an academic or intellectual, nor was I a
    "leader" in the 60s.
    I am what I was then, a community activist. One thing
    I have learned over the years, is that things aren't
    as clear cut as they seem.

    As the rest of the people on this list I can only
    speculate upon what would have happened if Humphrey
    had won, or what the role of the left was in either
    shortening or lengthening the duration of the Vietnam
    War. I think part of the problem is that doing the
    grunt work in a movement
    can be frustrating and easy for some to abandon.
    Upping the ante may have provided excitement to those
    in the "vanguard," but may have left those we were
    trying to organize behind.

    We were very impatient in the 60s. In my union local
    it has taken us fifteen years to get out a corrupt and
    ineffective leadership. But we did it. In New York
    City, where I live there, is an ongoing struggle to
    maintain rent protection for working people. It is a
    protracted stuggle. It takes a lot of hard work, grunt
    work to survive

    Right now here we are fighting against police
    brutality and the horrors of racism. There are no quck
    solutions or easy answers. One day I find myself
    marching with other unionists for fair wages, and that
    puts me side by side with cops, and the next day, I am
    marching to protest the death of Amadou Diallo or
    Patrick Dorismond and I can feel the hatred directed
    at me by the very same cops, this time on the other
    side of the barricade.

    I think the value of this list is what we can learn
    from it that we can use in present and future
    At this point in my life, as a 54-year-old
    grandfather, I don't think I can stop my activism if I
    haven't stopped it by now. Keep the debate going, but
    lets not forget to look for workable solutions to
    problems we face now.

    As for David Horowitz, it is okay not to like him. I
    didn't care for his views when he was a leftist,
    and I certainly don't care for his views now that he
    is a rightist.

    Part of what I do now is trying to keeps tabs on what
    the far-right is doing and passing that information
    along to my friends. If it is true that Horowitz has
    indeed received $500,000 in funding from Richard
    Mellon Scaife, that was alleged earlier here, then I
    must say I am very impressed. Obviously, pandering to
    the right is much more rewarding than sucking up to a
    Huey P. Newton.



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