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Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 17:50:18 CUT

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    In a message dated 00-06-17 13:09:55 EDT, Country Joe writes
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    > It is striking that no segment of the civilian population right, left
    >or center, including of course the liberal, progressive left wing,
    >pro union, group, has ever had the courage to advocate
    >job security, job safety, and collective bargaining rights for "ordinary"
    >GI's! Yes, good pay and benefits for war factory workers but nothing
    >for rank and file military.

     I beg your pardon.

     In 1967, University of Oklahoma SDS members, myself included,
     befriended Andy Stapp, notorious for his campaign to organize the
     American Serviceman's Union. Stapp was a GI stationed at Ft.
     Sill, Oklahoma (near Lawton).

     My recollections are fuzzy right now, but I'm pretty sure he spoke
     at OU, with SDS sponsorship. I also recall that he was court-martialed
     in retaliation for his political activities, and that some of his supporters
     were arrested for demonstrating on his behalf on base.

     I recall attending their trial, for "unlawful entry" onto a military base,
     in Oklahoma City federal court. They were members of the
     Maoist Workers World party, and its youth affiliate Youth Against
     War and Fascism, and were interested in recruiting Stapp.

     Is there anybody else out there who has recollections of Andy Stapp
     and the ASU?

     I also have a recollection of an Esquire article about Stapp, from
     either 1967 or 1968.

      ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, OK

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