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    On memorials to the Confederate dead, Langston Hughes wrote me in
    1951 with kind words about my "stirring poem" opening with a
    stanza on that subject:
            " The South alone,' my host had said
            "remembers its dishonorable dead."
            His arm swept round the ordered Square
            to mock the statues frozen there
            of generals whose armies bled
            that white might eat the black man's bread.
    Hughes card and the poem are reproduced in my Saying No To Power,
    p. 314.
                                            William Mandel

    Mark Bunster wrote:
    > Jerry West wrote:
    > > Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > >
    > > the notion that plaques should be erected in Berkeley or anywhere else,
    > > honoring their actions is no more warranted than plaques would be in
    > > Germany honoring the fallen members of the Wehrmacht.
    > >
    > Certainly there are many memorials in the south honoring confederate dead...
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