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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 21:18:05 CUT

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    At 11:30 AM 6/16/2000 -0400, Stew wrote:
    >re - Jeff B and Marty J
    >. Humphrey defeated Humphrey. He could not
    >control the Mayor of Chicago during the convention or LBJ - hence the police
    >rioting. And then Humphrey delayed his announcing a different and better
    >position on the war than that of the Johnson administration. When he finally
    >announced his new position he began
    > gaining in the polls. He lost but the view was (at the time,) that if he had
    >had the guts to break with LBJ earlier he would have won.

    Hi Stew!

    This is true. I agree that HHH was his own (and our) worst enemy. And a
    decisive break with LBJ earlier in the campaign would have won him the
    election. As for the main point of HHH ending the war, it was precisely
    his opportunism that would have led him to end it.
    HHH, moreso than many other politicians he was willing to sacrifice
    principle to win election.
    (E.g., in Atlantic City in 64 when he sold out the Freedom Democrats to get
    the Veep nomination). And he'd do it to win re-election as well. He didn't
    need a weatherman to tell him where the wind was blowing! The changing
    forces within the Democratic Party would have compelled him to junk the war.
    >winner he might have sold out. That was the HHH way.
    >Stew Albert

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