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From: Jeffrey Blankfort (jab@tucradio.org)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 19:31:05 CUT

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    Did I make a mistake? At the suggestion of a friend and a colleague I
    just signed up for this list last week and what do I find: David
    Horowitz repeating the same attacks he has been making for years on the
    Panthers and anti-Vietnam War movement activists and some of those
    activists doing a mea culpa about their involvement and that of the
    movement in 1968. Such activities have been taking place in a much
    larger context outside of this list with very little refutation, but I
    did not anticipate encountering them here. My delusion. I did believe,
    however, that list was generally focused on the Sixties, and evaluates
    influences, positive and negative, as Chris S. suggests. I didn't
    consider that its intent was to deal with current issues which one can
    find discussed on other lists, as Christine desires. I already have more
    on my plate than I can handle since I am still an activist. But I
    confess, I do have an interest in defending what the Black Panther Party
    was against those who have distorted it in varying degrees for
    self-serving reasons.

    > Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:45:03 -0500
    > From: Christine Kingsley <christiecr@juno.com>
    > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] modr8r note
    > I, too, agree with Cuntry Joe's comments on the kinds of discouse going
    > on. But I would go even further and say that I am dismayed that people
    > aren't writing about their present work more often and styill find time
    > to argue about things past. What's the point? I, for one, am still too
    > involved in the present to have time to argue or even listen, much less
    > to have to spend time deleting all of this. There is some good stuff
    > coming through as well. (William Mandelll is particular.) But am thinking
    > of dropping out because much of this is just tedious. What I want is
    > the perspective of people like yourselves on all of the important issues
    > going on today which are affecting our world and our future, not
    > ruminations about our past. Perhaps i am a minority here and if so, will
    > bow out soon.
    > C. Christie

    > Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 13:09:50 -0700
    > From: Chris Shugart <profcdavid@REDSHIFT.COM>
    > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] modr8r note
    > C. Christie, has echoed my thoughts almost word for word. Doesn't anybody
    > on this list have a job? Or a life? For better or worse, the past is gone
    > and we either learn to live with it or we don't.
    > I'm starting to wonder if there's any truth to the notion that as one
    > advances in age, one becomes more set in their ways. Or maybe it's more
    > like what Mark Twain said about people who "had found the Truth. That was
    > the end of the search. The man spent the rest of his life hunting up
    > shingles wherewith to protect his Truth from the weather. In any case, he
    > sought no further; but from that day forth, with his soldering-iron in one
    > hand and his bludgeon in the other he tinkered its leaks and reasoned with
    > objectors." (excerpt from What Is Man?)
    > I think it would be instructive (and perhaps even therapeutic) to examine
    > the ideas, issues, principles, etc., ordinarily associated with the Sixties
    > and look at them in present time. Which ones still hold? Which ones turned
    > out to be myths? Which ones worked? Which ones didn't? And what I believe
    > is most important, what relevance does any of this have towards living a
    > satisfying life, and achieving--dare I say it--happiness?
    > Surely, we've all had to occasionally reevaluate certain notions,
    > assumptions and ideologies. You can't tell me that no one on this list
    > hasn't experienced more than once an uncomfortable revelation that
    > concluded with "What the hell was I thinking?" I don't know about anybody
    > else, but I hope that over time, I've been getting wiser.
    > Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my normally scheduled life,
    > which we now resume already in progress.
    > Best to All,
    > Chris Shugart

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