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From: Ron Cabral (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 19:21:10 CUT

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    The Viet Nam memorial that Country Joe is proposing for San Francisco,
    Oakland and other cities is not intended to prevent another War. It is
    intended to honor those who died as they were sent there much like police
    officer's respond to a 911, or Firemen to fires...
    It is to give tribute to their ultimate sacrifice. The soldiers are not to
    blame for Viet Nam, they became victims of an illogical scheme to stop the
    Domino Theory - a paranold view of Communist world domination that began
    after WW11 and during the Cold War...
    Are there good War's and bad War's? If so then Viet Nam was a bad one as it
    turned out for the 58,000+ American's fated to die there...A memorial to
    them in every City and Town is fitting and appropriate so others will
    remember the folly and insanity of NAM.
    Ron Cabral

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    > writes:
    ><< How about a
    > memorial to all the dead of that war in hopes of preventing the next one?
    > steve warren >>
    >I have yet to see a memorial that ever prevented a war. We are a society
    >that is memorial if a memorial prevents something from happening
    >in the future. A memorial is best for remembering an event and/or persons
    >involved in said event, but it rarely changes the future. Why? Because
    >human beings have this tendency to see their particular circumstances as
    >unique and not connected to or mirroring the past. We are quirky that way.
    >Build another memorial if we want. I just don't know what it means any more.

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