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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 17:52:57 CUT

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    Concerning memorials to war dead... anyone else upset about the plan to
    build a WWII memorial museum between the Lincoln and Washington memorial in
    the capital?

    While I can understand the motivation of the older set who want their
    sacrifices to me remembered, the site will destroy what I understand is the
    last large place to gather in the capital. That means the M.L. King civil
    rights march, the million mom march and other such protest will occur where?

    best, Don (PDF download)
    Black Bear Mining & Publishing Company

    > steve warren >>
    >I have yet to see a memorial that ever prevented a war. We are a society
    >that is memorial if a memorial prevents something from happening
    >in the future. A memorial is best for remembering an event and/or persons
    >involved in said event, but it rarely changes the future. Why? Because
    >human beings have this tendency to see their particular circumstances as
    >unique and not connected to or mirroring the past. We are quirky that way.
    >Build another memorial if we want. I just don't know what it means any more.

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