Re: [sixties-l] Grist for the Horowitz mill (McGee/modr8r respond)

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 08:40:33 CUT

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    Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 16:35:05 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Art McGee <>
    cc: Kali Tal <>

    > Looks like we're all journalistic fodder here...
    > See especially:
    > <>

    I'm sorry, maybe I missed something, but I don't remember
    giving my personal permission to have comments posted on
    this list placed on your web site, Mr. Horowitz.

    Irrespective of our political differences, one thing I do
    know is that it is a serious breach of "netiquette" to post
    list discussions in this manner, unless it's part of the
    list archive, which everyone is aware of.

    Boy this really takes the cake. We've got twisting of facts
    and opinions by Mr. Horowitz, an obviously inexperienced
    list moderator (I can say that because I run over 20 lists
    myself and have been on the Internet for at least 15 years),
    list members who are unable to distinguish between my anger
    at having my words twisted and David's twisting and
    distortion of those words (instead they make a hollow cry
    for "civility"), and now, Mr. Horowitz isn't even abiding
    by basic internet etiquette rules.

    I suppose the list moderator doesn't have any opinion on
    this either (posting sixties-l discussion messages on a web
    site without permission)?

    I give up. I don't have time for this mess anymore.

    modr8r note:

    folks, this message nearly didn't make the list. art's last post i which i
    sent back for editing, (for excessive name calling), he couldn't bother
    with fixing and so remains unposted. i also want to point out that when i
    attempted to secure some of art's superior moderating wisdom in an email
    to both him and Horowitz, art again couldn't be bothered to respond, but
    instead deigns to return with the above missive. also, i find it hard to
    believe he would put up with behavior similar to his own, on his 20
    expertly-moderated lists. thanks, art!

    and then Mr. Horowitz ("I get a certain amount of satisfaction in irking
    the liberal establishment and accumulating its denunciations.-DH") goes
    and sticks the above mentioned (private) email on the web (a big no-no),
    and then he (or that cc guy Poe) claims that DH has been, (ahem) "muzzled"
    by yours truly, thereby generating some kooky letters to me about DH having
    been censored. thanks, david!

    but i supposes i have "no opinion on posting sixties-l
    discussion messages on a web site without permission". to the question as
    stated, he's right, i don't. further, i think my opinion is irrelevant.
    the list archives are publicly accessible. whom would you ask for
    permission, and even more to the point, even if denied, how would you
    enforce it? cut off the archives to everybody? hardly appropriate. of
    course, if there is monetary gain being realized from said usage, then
    perhaps the authors would have some legal recourse, but even then it's got
    nothing to do with moderating this list.

    what i DO have strong feelings about, is the posting of private EMAILS,
    (you listening David?). unacceptable, period. also of concern are the
    unaldulterated Horowitz replies which make it to the DH web site, but not to
    this list, due to moderator mandated changes. some, like DH's response to
    Bill Mandel, are ultimately rejected. technically, these messages are NOT
    available in the sixties-l archives and are not therefore "sixties-l
    discussion pages", but a selectively excerpted (and modified) hybrid.
    folks need to be aware of this and I thank 'the radman' for forwarding
    that info along. i will be speaking to Mr. Horowitz, but none of this
    needs to be on the list proper. further discussion on these issues will
    be entertained in private correspondence off-list.

    and for what it's worth, since the "DH furor" began, there have been
    about 10 unsubscribes (along with 3 new subscribes). hardly a crisis
    here, given the size of the list.

    moderating a list like this is certainly challenging. thought some folks
    might enjoy a peek behind the scenes. i am happy with the new incarnation
    of the list. i find it a dynamic and exciting place. i hope you do too. returning to our regular scheduled programming...

    the modr8r

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