[sixties-l] I perceive a difference

From: Bob Madden (rmadden@ameritech.net)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 03:50:45 CUT

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    Since I was not born until 56 I cannot contribute anything of a first
    hand nature to this discussion. However, after reading the various
    threads from this newsgroup in which Mr. Howowitz was involved I feel
    compelled to comment.

    One side of the argument leaned rather heavily on the facts, whereas the
    other relied almost totally on casting aspersions.

    One side seemed to get more envigorated, and energized with each new
    reply, whereas the other side was awfully prone to whining in the
    direction of the moderator, and stomping out of the group in protest.
    Don't let the door hit you!

    In the final analysis... There is also one major difference between Mr.
    Horowitz, and myself. He is far more polite than I would have been
    under similar circumstances.

    I am not anywhere near as capable a polemist as he, but that just makes
    me fight harder. You folks have lost the ability to engage in a
    meaningful debate because you spend all your time in newsgroups like
    this one engaging in meaningless self-glorifying prattle.

    For a time David Horowitz let some air into this stuffy (is that a
    brown, and yellow haze?) group, but as with dogs who have grown too old
    to entertain the possibility of learning an occasional new trick, your
    responses amounted to little more than a nervous soiling of the carpet.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled drivel...

    Note: Mr. Horowitz has admonished anyone who wishes to respond to do so
    with "dignity, and decorum." However, as I may have failed to meet that
    standard, please direct any ensuing flames directly to me at:

    I take full, and sole responsibility for my rants, and encourage anyone
    to "Himme with your best shot... Fire Away!"

    I like a challenge.

    Bob Madden
    Zion, Illinois

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