Re: [sixties-l] communists and capitalists and Black Power

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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 21:46:23 CUT

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    Did'nt know about Joady and I will check out ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME - Tupac.

    Joe remember Colin Covey from Opportunity High - he was much older than the
    rest of us. He was on a B-24 Bomber crew dropping bombs on Germany during
    WW2. He later became a Communist always said he was an always talked about
    it - he could have been a red diaper kid a very early one. He lived in a
    huge house in Sausalito and had a 40-foot sail boat tied up over there. He
    did always drive a beat up old VW Bug and he loved to smoke weed - HE
    RECENTLY DIED OF CANCER... Also Bob Morrow the jazz teacher who played
    stand up Bass also died some years ago - he was so thrilled when you were
    teaching those classes at Opp High...

    At 11:55 PM 6/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
    >i am the only person to have ever made a record of Joady Guthrie, Woody
    >Gurthrie's other son. It was quite interesting but very unsuccessful
    >commercially. Of course Joady was a red diaper baby. He had a little
    jingle on
    >the album that always poops into my mind at times like this, it went:
    >"Oh the Communists and the Capitalists
    >Are divvying up the world i guess
    >It seems that a way to me
    >They are both are democratic
    >And out for liberty
    >But i think they are pulling the wool right over you and me."
    >Tupac Shakur, who's mother was a Black Panther, says it all so clearly in his
    >wonderful track on ALL EYEZ ON ME his 2 CD set "Only God Can Judge Me Now"
    > 2Pac Shakur
    >"Id rather die like a man than live like a coward
    >Theres a ghetto up in heaven and its ours. Black Power
    >Is what we scream, as we dream, in a paranoid state
    >And our fate is a life time of hate.
    >Dear momma can you save me
    >And fuck peace cause the streets got our babies
    >We gotta eat, no more hesitation
    >Each and every black mans trapped
    >And they wonder why were runnin round strapped
    >Its the police, please try to see
    >Theres a million mother-fuckers stressin just like me.
    > Only God can judge me, now."
    >all power to the people! country joe mcdonald
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