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From: Joe McDonald (joe@countryjoe.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 07:08:53 CUT

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    i would like to draw attention to list member to the MINERVA CENTER for
    sudy of women in war founded by Linda Grant DePauw. MINERVA is many
    things one of them being an online discussion list. Although not all
    posts relate to the 60's many do and they are always with the angle of
    women in war and women in the military a much neglected genre developed
    almost intirely by Linda Grant DePauw at great personal sacrifice in
    this patriarchal world we live in. cheers, country joe mcdonald

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    attached mail follows:

    Subj: Minerva: Quarterly Report
    Date: 6/14/00 2:39:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    From: blackwolfden@earthlink.net (Donna Dean)
    Reply-to: blackwolfden@earthlink.net (Donna Dean)
    To: H-MINERVA@h-net.msu.edu (Minerva)

    I have just received my renewal notice for the Minerva print journal on women
    and war, "Minerva: Quarterly Report", and I can't honestly say I'm thrilled.
     The $60.00 subscription is a real hardship for me, as my income is quite
    limited. Still, after an internal arguement with myself, I invariably grit
    my teeth and do it. Why, you ask?

    Those of us on the H-List are on it for whatever reasons we might have as
    individuals, be it because we enjoy the give and take, learn things, find
    others with interests similar to our own, and can use it as a source for
    information we may need professionally; whatever. And a big attraction is
    it's free! Whee! I, for one, like this aspect. However------there would be
    no Minerva H-List if there were no Minerva Center. If there were no Minerva
    Center, we can pretty much take it as a given that there would be no single
    source for women and war knowledge, there would be no place to discuss issues
    that interest us in the field, and there would be no central place scholars
    can go to access information and resources they need.

    Much of the money it takes to maintain Minerva's "free" H-List, a product of
    the Minerva Center, comes from subscriptions to the journal. Yet, it is my
    understanding that there is little cross-over between members of the H-List
    and subscribers to the journal. Why? Many of the members of the journal are
    academics, and surely $60.00 a year would not seem excessive for a
    professional journal. The quality of the publication is high----I know, as
    I've been helping to edit it for some time. Isn't it worth it to subscribe
    and augment membership on the H-List? The articles are not mere repetitions
    of discussions on the List, but are written over a wide range of issues
    related to women and war, and offer material written from an impressive
    international roster of authors. Subscribers do get quite a bang for the
    buck. Think about it.

    I want to emphasize that Dr. Linda Grant DePauw in no way solicited this
    post; she had no idea I was going to write it. She has gone on-line and
    asked for support for the Center, and sent out mailings, etc., but she needs
    financial support. Some loyal supporters have continued to send money, and
    the subscription list for the journal supports the Center as well. I hope
    more List members will explore the fact that they obviously get something out
    of being a part of the Center through the List, and consider subscribing to
    the journal as well. Details are at http://www.minervacenter.com/period.htm

    Donna Dean

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