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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 20:02:25 CUT

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    I have watched a bellicose exchange over the Panthers for several days with
    amazement and bewilderment.

    Mr. Horowitz has labeled me an "unreconstructed leftist" so we're hardly
    friends, but I am very glad he's decided to stop by Sixties-L and share his
    views with his construction of the evidence.

    He is precisely correct that this list gets better with discourse.
    Contentious debate not only adds dimension to what we call "the sixties" in
    its intellectual context, rancor also contributes to a virtual gestalt
    reminiscent of the era we purport to examine.

    There is nothing he can write here that will hurt my feelings or diminish my
    intuitive beliefs about an era I experienced first hand. He can enlighten me;
    he can challenge me; and he can push me deeper into reflection. That's the
    only power he has over this unreconstructed leftist.

    Somewhere in all of this remains an indelible search for the truth. Two
    hundred years from now, a future journalist will tersely summarize the
    discord of the late 1960's and early 1970's, and our sacrifices will be
    praised or discredited. Our descendents will be proud or disgusted.

    We plant some of the seeds of that future retrospective here and now. It's
    worth angst over who is correct (oops, I almost wrote "right").

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