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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 19:47:38 CUT

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    My own opinion...

    1. I do not believe that any conclusive evidence could be shown proving that
    the antiwar movement was the cause of the US withdrawal from RVN.

    2. The US could have won the war, if winning were possible. However, at the
    time when the iron was hot, public opinion and political machinations made
    it impossible to conduct said war in an offensive posture. Far too many
    limitations imposed on the troops. On the other hand, winning was never
    possible. No one "won" the war in SEA. We all came out the losers.

    3. I believe that the US foreign policy that supports intervention is not a
    policy of ethics. It is a policy of convenience, motivated by greed: greed
    for power, greed for wealth, and so forth. 'twould be nice if our government
    were altruistic in its interventionist activities. Truth be told, though,
    had Kuwait been an exporter of strawberries, it would now be part of Iraq.

    4. I believe that if the US had pulled out of SEA in 1965 the bloodbath
    would have ensued anyway. Perhaps in different directions with more
    attention focused on Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

    These are my opinions, founded only in gut instinct and not in fact.


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    > David Horowitz wrote:
    > ---because losing it cost the lives
    > >of two and a half million poor people in Indo-China whose blood is on
    > hands Mike,
    > >along with all the rest of us who forced America's withdrawal.
    > Are you saying that the antiwar movement forced U.S. withdrawal? If so,
    > be interested in your evidence. Can you come up with a reasonable
    > by which America could have "won" the war? Do you believe that the U.S.
    > should have intervened in all nations where evil was being done? Is it
    > possible that had we withdrawn in 1965 that millions who died between
    > 1965-1975 would in fact not have? I realize these questions cannot be
    > answered easily, but I'd appreciate some brief thoughts.
    > Tony Edmonds
    > History, Ball State University

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