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From: David Horowitz (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 13:53:30 CUT

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    The myopia of those who think that criminals have no charm, or no sense of public
    relations never ceases to amaze me. Joey Gallo charmed the pants off New York
    intellectuals. Ted Bundy was loved by all the women he killed. Mussolini made the
    trains run on time. So what? It's what you do with the charm that counts.

    Also. I did not come on to this list calling people names. The first abuse was
    hurled at me. I used one epithet in response to someone who had flamed me. Is
    there a reason I am held responsible for the vitriol in the atmosphere except for
    the fact I am the odd man out with the politically incorrect opinions? wrote:

    > The use of the list for the ego gratification, or whatever it may be, of
    > provoking anger, flames, and subsequent meta-discussions of this provocation
    > and of list etiquette, with the likelihood of persons dropping from the list,
    > even of crushing the list, seems something that--only when grossly obvious,
    > to be sure--is far enough off topic/off subject area, for such posts to be
    > refused.
    > Not to name names or call anyone names, but this seems particularly true
    > when the poster has previously a history of doing this with the sixties list,
    > of disruption--very serious though temporary--of a major left media
    > organization, etc.
    > As for the Black Panthers, I met someone working as a driver, a couple
    > years ago, in the East Bay who reminisced on his time working in Oakland with
    > the BP doing aterschool care; there was also that aspect of the Party.
    > Personally, I remember Bobby Seale's friendliness and frankness when he'd
    > come to the PFP office when I'd be working there; generalizations about the
    > Panthers as "criminals" or whatever seem not only rightwing but silly, even
    > now.
    > Paula

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