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From: Jeffrey Apfel (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 14:05:02 CUT

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    monkerud wrote:

    > There's discussion and argumentation and flaming and destructiveness.
    > Actually we all should be signing up on the right wing web sites and list
    > servs and taking others like DH on. They are all over the Internet while
    > our voice is barely heard.

    Our voice? Whose voice is that? Here we come to the gist of the problem where
    such listservs are concerned: the old freedom of speech versus freedom of
    association thing. While the left is no doubt heavily represented on the list,
    my understanding of the listserv's charter and ground rules is that it is not
    owned by a particular political faction. If it were, you would have a point, but
    it is not. As I understad it, the listserv is a (semi)scholarly discussion group
    about what has come to be known as "the sixties" --actually a rather small,
    though significant, subset of the issues from that decade. My understanding is
    that "the sixties" under discussion is more likely to deal with, say, the
    Diggers, than, say, the Rat Pack, the films of John Wayne or developments on the
    Indian subcontinent.

    And that's OK. But the corrolary is that anyone with something legitimate to say
    about such things gets air time. I have no quarrel with you not wanting to hear
    Dan Quayle discuss the Diggers (and you could always skip the posting in any
    event). But it is hard to see how a discussion about "the sixties" as it is
    construed on this list could be held to exclude Horowitz--of all people--because
    he has had second thoughts.

    Jeff Apfel

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